Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Park Grill Restaurant. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We went to The Park Grill in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The food was better than I was expecting. Most restaurants in touristy areas are over priced and the food is average. Here The prices were fair and the food was good. I loved the ribs. They were perfectly cooked and I really liked the sauce. 
One thing that was also a very big plus is the fact that they have free parking. If you are coming to visit or already have visited before you will know that it is pretty pricy to park in Gatlinburg and almost nowhere has free parking. 

Out in front of the building they have a row of rocking chairs if you want to just sit a while. They also have Smokey The Bear so you can take cute pictures for Facebook or Instagram, or wherever you post your vacation pictures.

We would highly recommend this place. If you want to see what more of their food looks like and see the salad bar then check out the video below.

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