Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 49, The Pigeon Forge Experience

We were going to just have a Super Bowl Party at the house because we didn't get invited anywhere and we haven't lived in the area long enough to know where to go. The day before though I saw an ad posted on the side of a Redbox for The Grand Majestic Dinner Theater showing of Super Bowl 49, so we decided last minute to go.
The Grand Majestic Dinner Theater
I'd driven by this place a bunch of times, but I hadn't ever been inside. We live in a tourist area, so it is really easy to miss places like this if you aren't looking.

This is the view from the very back of the theater.
When we walked in though I was very happy we decided to try this place, even though my room mate thought it would be packed. We were actually really shocked that there weren't more people here.

This is the view from our seats.
No matter where you sat there wouldn't have been a bad seat in the whole theater. It was awesome. We got seats right in the front and center even though we didn't show up until almost 6:30.

Riley (me) and Molly (right)
Molly and I were excited about getting great seats. I wasn't sure what I was expecting before I got there, but it was a lot more comfortable than whatever I previously did have in mind.

Our room mate Andrea
Our room mate's favorite part was the huge screen and the fact that there were waiters bringing us food and drinks throughout the whole game.

Theater screen sized HDTV! 
In this picture I was just trying to give you a little better of an idea of how big the screen is.

This is my I'm so mad the Seahawks lost face.
 The game was exciting, the atmosphere was great, even though we were the only Seahawks fans in the building. Despite my team losing, it was the best Super Bowl experience of my life.

The food options for the game.
Considering it was a theater, the prices for food were pretty reasonable. The drinks were a little pricey, but we expected that. If they keep doing this I am sure to do this every year for Super Bowl Sunday, next time I'll make sure to invite more friends.