Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ruby Rose from Orange Is The New Black

Ruby Rose In The Tub
 This right here, if you didn't already know is the beautiful Ruby Rose Langenheim, more commonly know as Ruby Rose. She is stealing hearts and making "straight women" question their sexuality. Which in my honest opinion those women were probably already a little bisexual and just didn't know it yet. Regardless she is my new lady crush.

Ruby Rose has cute hair
I really love her hair, she's always got something fun going on. If you haven't already seen season 3 of Orange Is The New Black I highly recommend it. If you just want to see a little more of Ruby Rose watch the video below.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Park Grill Restaurant. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We went to The Park Grill in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The food was better than I was expecting. Most restaurants in touristy areas are over priced and the food is average. Here The prices were fair and the food was good. I loved the ribs. They were perfectly cooked and I really liked the sauce. 
One thing that was also a very big plus is the fact that they have free parking. If you are coming to visit or already have visited before you will know that it is pretty pricy to park in Gatlinburg and almost nowhere has free parking. 

Out in front of the building they have a row of rocking chairs if you want to just sit a while. They also have Smokey The Bear so you can take cute pictures for Facebook or Instagram, or wherever you post your vacation pictures.

We would highly recommend this place. If you want to see what more of their food looks like and see the salad bar then check out the video below.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doctor Who: The War Doctor.

I know it might not be clear if you are not an avid Doctor Who fan, so here is a run down on the placement of The War Doctor. Some people think that The War Doctor is who The Doctor was before he became The Doctor, but he is not. He is between the 8th Doctor and the 9th Doctor.
It is explained in The Night Of The Doctor, which is a mini episode prequel to The Day Of The Doctor. 
The 8th Doctor Dead, Before The Sisterhood Resurrect Him

The Doctor crash lands on Karn, where the Sisterhood of Karn brings him back to life and give him an elixir to turn him into a warrior, or The War Doctor. In that episode it also says they can give him an elixir to choose to be a man or woman. (I personally think that is how The Master became Missy.)

The War Doctor Regeneration
During The War Doctor's regeneration you sort of see a resemblance in the eyes and chin of Christopher Eccleston, The Ninth Doctor, Eccleston, didn't actually participate in filming of the 50th Anniversary episode. Above is where they cut away in the episode and below is from the extended take, which was cut. Moffat said is was to respect Eccleston's wishes not to participate and so it wouldn't make people think that he took part in filming. The part where you see him at the end with all the other doctors was edited from stock footage. 

The War Doctor Regeneration, Extended Clip

Below is a Doctor Who: The Doctors, Then And Now video.