Friday, August 22, 2014

Eleventh Doctor: The Fez Look.

11th Wax Doctor

To Fez or not to Fez. When it comes to Doctor Who cosplay the 11th Doctor Fez look is one of the most easily recognized looks to shoot for. I'm sure that there are some people out there like me that are detail oriented and the doctor is always running about here or there so it can be hard to get a good look at his outfit. So I've put together a bunch of pictures so you can get you can get your Fez look as close to authentic as possible.

Doctor Who 11th Doctor in a fez

Lets start with the Fez. I've seen on a lot of fan art and comics The Doctor using a fez with a tassel, but it is pretty plain to see that the one in the show that he is wearing does not have a tassel. Also it is more of a maroon then a bright red like a lot of people wear. I've looked at a lot places, the closest to an affordable replica I have seen was on ebay and it was a maroon wool shriners fez. 
You can also get a Fez and bow tie set at ThinkGeek. You can also find a lot of other cool fan stuff there. I got a build your own sonic screwdriver set from them, I freakin' love it. They use to have a replica 11th Doctor Jacket, but it was really expensive.

Build Your own Sonic Screwdriver Set

Bow tie and Suspenders

The shirt is a light pink with slightly darker pink stripes. His bow tie and suspenders are the same color. It is hard to tell from the show and from most of the pictures, but the pants he is wearing are a dark gray. You can see the color best in the very top picture in this blog. 

All Saints Cropped Layer Boot
The Doctors Boots 
All Saints Layer Boots
Getting the right boots is one of the hard parts. Especially if you don't know what you are looking for. If you are looking for the same ones as The Doctor search for All Saints Cropped Layer Boots. They aren't available on the All Saints website anymore, but sometimes you can find them for sale used on ebay or other websites. If you want to go with the All Saints brand you can go to their website. As of right now they have a similar boot, it isn't layered though. Just search Brisk Boot on their site. They are pretty price though. 

11th Doctor Tweed Jacket
When you are looking for a tweed Jacket try and find one with the brown elbow patches. I did a lot of shopping around when I was looking for a jacket. Men's Warehouse said they could custom make me a similar one, but it would have cost $600. ThinkGeek use to have one for about three hundred dollars, but they don't carry it anymore. I ended up finding a perfect tweed jacket with the patches and everything at a local thrift shop for $12. 

Amy Pond in a Fez
Young Amelia Pond in a Fez
The Doctor and Young Kazran Sardick in a Fez
He can't help, but admiring a nice fez.
He really really likes them. 
10th Doctor, David Tennant in a Fez

The last bunch of these pictures are just some that I really liked to much to leave out.  I am so glad that the Fez made an appearance in The Night of the Doctor, because now not only can 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) fans wear a fez, but 10th Doctor (David Tennant) fans can sport one too if they so wish. 

Matt Smith Kissing Arthur Darvill.
May the Fez be With You.

Kitty 11th Doctor!!! The Cuteness Might Kill Me.

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