Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dollywood, Willow Osborne and the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival.

We went to Dollywood for the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival. They had a lot of fun bands and musicians and of course BBQ. The entertainment part I liked the best was a duet. Willow Osbourne, age 13 and Andy Stinett, age 15, were awesome. We stopped and watched at least a bit of each of the shows, but I do believe that these two deserved a bigger stage then the one they got. Every single person that passed by stopped for at least a minute to listen. I can't say the same for all of the other performers. The second video is my favorite.

Willow Osborne has been preforming at Dollywood since she was 8 1/2. She started in shows like Babes in Toyland before she started playing music. She plays at Dollywood every year during the BBQ and Bluegrass. I hope by next year she gets a bigger stage.
I was told that she works at Country Tonite in Pigeon Forge, so if you'd like to see her then that is where you can find her.
Dippin' Dots at Dollywood

It was really hot the day we went. So we stopped in some shade and got ourselves a bowl of dippin' dots. We decided to go with the souvenir bowl because you get a discount on refills and I'm sure we are going to use it again. 

Bag of Gem Stones
After that we went on a few more rides, then stopped into Lucky 7 Mine Shop and look around. We ended up buying a few gifts for friends and decided to buy a bag of dirt with gemstones in it. I was mostly just stopping because my girlfriend wanted to, but it ended up being fun. I'd suggest it as an activity to do if you have kids or are on a date. You can choose from a few different things, gem stones, emeralds, arrow heads or fossils. We got the smallest bag of gemstones and ended up with a lot more then I was expecting. 

 After all that fun we were hungry so we wondered down to where the main food places are and got a bite to eat and drooled over the deserts.

cooking up sausages

the biggest pie I've ever seen.

Even if you are a vegetarian I would suggest taking a day off from your diet to try pork that is cooked like this. I don't know exactly what it is that makes it taste so different, but it is a sinful delight. This isn't something they always have as a food option, so I'm going to make sure I make it to the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival next year if I can.

best way to cook a pig

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