Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Best Whovian Geek Stuff

I recently ordered a bunch of stuff from Thinkgeek. This is a company that I love! Everything that I've ordered from them has been really good quality. If you are going to order anything from them I would highly recommend signing up for their geek points program.
When you just look at the geek points program it seems like you need a whole lot of points to get anything, but they really do add up fast. I've already racked up enough and gotten a few different things for free, including a Tardis Apron and a Screaming Monkey Sling shot.

The monkey's hands have little slots for your fingers to go into and his arms stretch. If you make him go fast enough then he screams while flying through the air, if you shoot him to slow he still screams, but when he hits whatever you shoot him at. It is really funny to watch the dogs freak out over him.

Anywho, I wanted to write this blog partially to let someone else use my coupon codes. I'm not 100% sure if you get a coupon in your order every time you order something from them, but I have gotten codes every time I order. Right now they have Mystery Coupons. When you order $75+ and you enter one of these codes you will either get $10, $20 or $30 off your order.

here are the codes I have:


The codes expire at 11:59 PM ET of 4/30/14.
I think they might be single use codes seeing as they are all different, so if you try one of them and it doesn't work that means someone else has used it. So just go down to the next one on the list and try it.

Thinkgeek  has a variety of things for a bunch of different fandoms: T.V., movies, gaming, and lots of fun tech toys. They not only have things for guys, they have cool stuff for people of all ages. They have been getting cooler stuff for women.

Here is some of the stuff that I got that I love.

Doctor Who TARDIS waste bin. 

The waste bin was a little smaller then I was initially expecting it to be, but if I had taken a closer look at the pictures I would have realized it was small. It is still good for right next to my desk, it would probably work well as a trash bin for your bedroom or bathroom. Or you can just use it as a container for other things, like trinkets or cookies if you can't find it in your heart to fill it with rubbish.
this is the video they have on ThinkGeek

TARDIS door cling

This is pretty cool. You can take it off and reapply it somewhere else if you want. It looks cartoony, but I don't think that takes much away from how awesome it is to have a TARDIS door in your house. It is the size of a standard front door, so if the door you want to put it on isn't your front door and the other doors in your house aren't that big you will have to cut it. 
The cling isn't that hard to cut, but I would suggest using an exacto knife. If you are going to cut it with scissors make sure they are really good. If they are a little dull they will deform the edges while it cuts. If you get this I'd also suggest having someone help you so you can make sure to smooth out the bubbles and make sure it doesn't wrinkle. 

Doctor Who Yahtzee

If you have a Whovian get together with your friends this is really fun. The box is really sturdy too. I thought it was going to be really cheap plastic, but it is thick. The score cards are a little on the small side, but the dice have numbers on them so if you want to just get a regular Yahtzee score card pad you can do that. If you are looking for a gift to give someone that likes Doctor Who I'd suggest this. 

I've ordered a few more things from them, but I still need to use them a little more before I give my two cents. 

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