Monday, January 13, 2014

Who Wants Chocolates and Cards? Give Me Something Fun.

The chocolate and card companies are the ones that tell you that everyone wants candies in a heart shaped box and a romantic sentiment written by someone else. I would personally rather get anything but those things. If I am going to get anything at all I'd like it to be something that interests me, or something that will be different then what my friends are getting. 

ThinkGeek is one of my favorite sites, ever. If you know someone who is nerdy, geeky, or who just likes weird things you can find something they would like. They have shopping categories for a lot of the major fandoms like: Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Minecraft, Marvel, Star Trek and Game of Thrones. They also have funny categories like Zombies & Bacon. 
Some of the things they have that I personally like are the science kits, camera lens mugs, Houdini puzzle locks, and canned unicorn meat. 

If you have a tight budget or you are getting something for someone you haven't known long 6 Dollar Shirts would be a good place to shop. All of the shirts are $6 and they have a large variety of graphic tees for both men and women. Even though the price for their shirts are already low, they also have a few different deals. You can get 10 shirts for $50 or $2.95 for a mystery shirt. I ordered 20 of the shirts for $2.95 once to see if you get any good ones and to my surprise more then half of them I liked and only a couple of them were weird colors. There wasn't anything wrong with them. I am guessing they are a mix of clearance and colors of shirts that aren't selling as well. 

Need something a little more feminine than you can find at the other sites, but still want to get something unique? Jewelry In Candles just might be what you are looking for. They have different scents to chose from and they make wonderful gifts. I am sure you could think of a few people that love surprises. Not only do you get a great smelling candle, but somewhere inside it is a piece of jewelry. It isn't a complete surprise though to whomever is purchasing it. You aren't going to get something that wont fit. When you order you get to pick what will be put in the candle. You get to chose a necklace, earrings, or a ring (if you chose a ring you get to pick what size ring you want.) 
This is a gift that is very versatile. It can be for a romantic interest, significant other, a friend, co-worker, or a family member. I am not all that feminine and I think these are fun. I don't really care what the jewelry is, it is just exciting that I don't know exactly when I will get it.  

If you know someone that is industrious and business minded you could also pay for them to become a rep with Jewelry in Candles. They would get a candle for themselves and they would also get a website to sell from, not to mention that they would get a discount on any of their future orders. 

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